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In The Begining...
  The New England Christian Outreach Ministry website was birthed from a casual conversation with Bret Smith, Drummer, of "Sing For Him." While practicing for a coffeehouse on Thursday, March 20, 2003, at a local chuch, Bret asked me, "Wouldn't be nice if there were a Christian website for people to quickly locate who are playing at different coffeehouses and when?" As a Christian entrepreneur and president of a local technology company, I thought for a moment, then stored that thought in my virtual memory.

Later that month, I happened to call a good friend of mine, Sharon Thiel. Sharing my thoughts with her, I proposed the same question Bret had posed to me. Sharon's response was very encouraging. So, I went to my knees and prayed asking God to confirm if this was His will. You see, at that time I had no clue what to name the website, let alone how to design it.

What my wife Elaine and I believe to be a confirmation from our Lord took place when I purchased the name, NewEnglandChristianOutreachMinistry.com, which was available. We thank almightly God for this ministry gift.

All proceeds derived from this community outreach will be reinvested for the furtherance and expansion of this outreach to go beyond the New England Region. At this time, Elaine and I are asking for your prayers that God will open doors to make this outreach fruitful to bring souls into the Kingdom of God.

David & Elaine Costanzo
Founders of New England Christian Outreach Ministry
and ABS Technologies
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